"Young"  Fotomuseum Winterthur


  ,,…This international boom in photography does not stop at national borders.
Exhibitions and books dealing explicitly with photographic creativity in the "geographic vicinity of Switzerland"
- including "Wichtige Bilder - Fotografie in der Schweiz" (1990), "Nouveaux Itinéraires‚raires" (1991), "Voir la Suisse autrement" (1991), "Helvetia (condensed)" (1992), "Blind- Junge Fotografie aus der Schweiz" (1992), "Photographie in der Schweiz von 1840 bis heute" (1992), "Aus der Romandie" (1993), "Bilderzauber - ein seriöses Spiel" (1996), "Die Klasse" (1996), "Weltenblicke - Reportagefotografie und ihre Medien" (1997) - have presented a cornucopia of visual ideas, strategies and approaches and reflected the escalating dynamics of the photographic scene.

Nevertheless, we were surprised and delighted when, during our research for this exhibition, we discovered over l50 young artists devoted to photography This profusion and variety influenced our decision to concentrate primarily on very young and unknown artists and to give them priority over the (budding) stars of the young scene (for example Erik Steinbrecher; Ugo Rondinone, Marianne Müller, Stefan Altenburger, Christoph Draeger, Stefan Banz, Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler etc.).

Thus "Young” presents a selection of sixteen angles of view. The sheer number of photographers makes it easy to imagine a continuation - rather like a Hollywood sequel - with "Young Il" and "Young III". During our research, we were struck by the variety in the numerous different approaches, and the degree to which the pure, strictly documentary aspect which still played a dominant role in the 1980s has given way to other, more strongly mediatising or theatrical approaches. Most striking of all, however, is the enormous increase in the number of young women photographers. Ten of the sixteen artists whose work is represented in "Young" are women - something that would have been inconceivable at the end of the 1980s, anyway without a 'gender' quota. Also conspicuous is the 'cross-over' among the media, above all between photography and video, although conversely, it is surprising how little photographically constructed Net art Switzerland has

produced until now.”

(From the catalogue-text by Urs Stahel)