BACKLIGHT 02 the 6th International Photography Triennial in Tampere, Finland


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BACKLIGHT 02 the 6th International Photography Triennial in Tampere, Finland

Theme: "Critical Authenticity"

BACKLIGHT02 focuses on the new forms, possibilities and ethical challenges of documentary photographic art in the intercultural setting. Backlight02 has an extended understanding of documentary. By this understanding documentary is not opposed to creative fictive works but views them as actualisation of the artist’s reaction or relation to world events. The idea of documentary that we wish
to uphold is permissive to many truths. Definitions of ‘documentary’ need to be constantly and
vigorously rethought as truth and falsity, fiction and real can no longer be the sole operative concepts. ‘Critical authenticity’ refers to the ability to respond and to exercise critical responsibility in authentic situations of social and ethical urgency.

BACKLIGHT 02 will happen in Photographic Centre NYKYAIKA and in Museum Centre VAPRIIKKI in Tampere. VAPRIIKKI (Factory) is a national monument, a beautifully renovated brick building from the heavy industrial period. BACKLIGHT02 exhibitions will be seen there on three different floors in a fascinating space close to the falls of Tampere, all together more than 2000 QM of spacious and transparent architecture. NYKYAIKA is located at Kehräsaari in the heart of Tampere City beside of the river and very close to the beautiful harbour.

Between the 28th of September and the 1st of December 2002 BACKLIGHT presents the photography- and media-based artworks of 43 artists from 11 countries in Europe and South America.

A series of Videos, Projections, Multimedia based artworks, Internet projects, photo sculpture and classic camera based photography will introduce exciting positions of contemporary art to our audience.

Main Exhibitions:

28.9.      1.12.02         "Critical Authenticity"
Located in Museum Centre VAPRIIKKI and in Photographic Centre NYKYAIKA

Albert, Alessandro - Italy; Antille, Emmanuelle - Switzerland; Baselgia, Guido - Switzerland; Brunner-Szabo, Eva - Austria; Calo, Marco - Italy;  Chen, Teresa - Switzerland; Domanska, Anna - Poland;  Farrell, David - Ireland;  Faure, Nicolas  - Switzerland  ; Frisch,Thierry  - Luxembourg ; Honory, Alexander - Germany; Hornung, Robert - Luxembourg;  Kolber, Veronique - Luxembourg; Kollar, Martin  - Slovakia ; Korzeniecka, Katarzyna - Poland ; Kutschker, Thomas - Germany ; Laitinen, Antti - Finland; Lopez, Marcos - Argentina ; Pink Twins:Vesa & Juha Vehviläinen.- Finland; Sanviti, Oswaldo - Italy ;  Sauerwein, Pitt - Germany; Sobek, Evzen - Czech Republic ; Verzone, Paolo - Italy ;  Weisgerber, Vera - Luxembourg ; Zamagni, Cristina - Italy. More links please find in a few days here.
Artists will be in Tampere for Vernissage!

20.10.     1.12.2002 +17
Located in Museum Centre Vapriikki

from Switzerland:
Caraco, Francoise; Erdt, Ruth ; Fernandez, Nicolas; Giannini, Fabrizio; Nguyen, Cat Tuong; Popp, Thomas ; Püntener, Vanessa; Studer, Monica; Van den Berg, Christoph; Wüsten, Franziska
from Finland:
Ekholm, Juha Allan; Hohteri, Maarit; Hyvärinen, Aimo ; Järvelä, Riitta; Kokko, Jaana; Louekari, Martta; Male, Jukka
+17 is an exhibition of young emerging artists from Switzerland together with a collection of Finnish photographic artists.


The BACKLIGHT02 Photography Award:
The new feature for BACKLIGHT02 is the International Backlight Photography Award, which will be given to the artist(s) with the most inspiring visions. The award consists of a solo exhibition, of an invitation for a two-week working residence in Tampere, and of 2002 Euro. The award is sponsored by Vitrea Oy.

Symposium:   "Critical Authenticity"

28th September at Museum CentreVapriikki auditorium

The keynote speaker will be
Jan-Erik Lundström:       Director of the Bildmuseet at Umeå, Sweden.
Other speakers are
Alessandra Capodacqua:  Curator Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Firence/Italy
Paul  di Felice:                Director Cafe Crème in Luxembourg
Peter Pfrunder:               Curator Swiss Foundation of Photography (via Pro Helvetia)
Merja Salo:                    Prof., Dep. of Photography at University of Art and Design Helsinki

Several of the featured artists will also give short presentations about their work at the symposium

Seminar at the University

On the 29th September there will be a seminar at the University Tampere, with invited guest speaker Margarita Ledo Andión from Spain, and presentations by Backlight artists. The seminar will also mark
the start of several Backlight workshops.

2nd Symposium:

The Finnish-language Backlight Symposium will be held on the 19th October at the Vapriikki auditorium, focusing on the ethics of photography. There will be a lecture and presentations by Ilona Reiners, Hannu Vanhanen and Juha Suonpää, a screening of Aimo Hyvärinen’s documentary film View on truth (Kuvitelma totuudesta), about photographer Jukka Male and a panel discussion with photographer Male, Juha Allan Ekholm, Reiners and Hyvärinen. The Backlight seminar will be a national forum for discussing aspects of image ethics in documentary, journalistic, and nature photography by experts in those fields.


Backlight02 is organised by Photographic Centre Nykyaika and co-organised by the Fondazione Studio Marangoni in Florence, Italy and Café Crème in Luxembourg. The partners involved are the Arts Council of Pirkanmaa, the City of Tampere, Museum Centre Vapriikki, University of Tampere; Tampere Polytechnic, Department of Art and Media, German Culture Centre, Tampere; Goethe Institute Helsinki; the Pro Helvetia Cultural Foundation in Zürich and Gallery Francoise Knabe Saarbrücken. Backlight 02 is supported by the European Union Culture 2000 Framework Programme.

Artists in residence, workshops:

Several international artists will be residing, working and lecturing in Tampere. Marcos López and Martin Kollar will be teaching workshops for students at the University of Tampere and at the School of Art and Media. There will be guided tours for school classes of the main exhibition, and a children’s art program organised by Rajataide ry.



Friday        27.09.02         17.00     20.00     Main Exhibition Vernissage in Museum Centre VAPRIIKKI

Friday        27.09.02         16.00     22.00     Vernissage in Photographic Centre NYKYAIKA

28.09.     01.12.02        BACKLIGHT02 exhibition in VAPRIIKKI and in NYKYAIKA

Saturday     28.09.02         9.00     18.00      "Critical Authenticity", the International Backlight Symposium in Vapriikki

Sunday       29.09.02              13.00           Seminar at University of Tampere and start of the Workshops


Saturday     19.10.02         10.00     16.00     2nd Symposium (in Finnish): "Valokuva ja etiikka" (Photography and ethics)

Saturday     19.10.02         16.00     18.00     Vernissage +17 exhibition in Museum Centre VAPRIIKKI

20.10.      01.12.02        plus17 exhibition in VAPRIIKKI

Guided tours on Sundays at noon; tours during the week also for school classes bookable!

Satellite Exhibitions:

September 02                   BACKLIGHT - Retro99:
A flashback to Backlight99 and the artworks, those international artists has realised in their
RESIDENCE in Tampere.
Catrica, Paulo  Portugal;  CHIPEX Switzerland:Cortinovis Claude; Humeros, Alan; Iuncker, Steve; Petramand, Gerard; Parfenok, Vladimir /Belarus; Prior, Pauline/Holland; Suzuki, Michi /Italy-Japan; Taylor, Christoph France/UK; Van de Heuvel, Thea/Holland; Wörndl, Elisabeth/Austria
For that show BACKLIGHT02 has produced a small leaflet.

The Tampere Museum of Modern Art presents:

28.9. -  31.12.02.                     Pirilä, Marja
A large 1996-02 exhibition "Camera Obscura" by well known Tampere Photo Artist in VAPRIIKKI, concurrently with the main Backlight exhibition.

BACKLIGHT 02 develops the European cooperation already established in the previous triennials.
Its purpose is to promote the exchange of works, artists and ideas dealing with current photographic issues and to provide them with a professional forum and a wide audience.

Images for press use are available on CD and for download from our Website! Please contact for access code!

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