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1. The Ocean Series
A Remodernist response to the paintings of Mark Rothko; appeals to serious art lovers, those who meditate, and ocean lovers as well. Affordable signed posters and a calendar can be purchased on line.

Category: art projects

In: 2299
Out: 2822

2. HERBARIUM - Art of New Tradition
News, exhibitions and main works of HERBARIUM, duo project of Russian artists Andrey Alioshin & Alexander Kotlomanov.

Category: art projects

In: 536
Out: 1751

3. Sunday Pictor School
Introduction to Contemporary Art

Category: art projects

In: 229
Out: 1770

4. parasite-net platform for artists and designers
Web platform for artists and designers that can present themselves with their works

Category: art projects

In: 153
Out: 2377

5. OVRA Archives is a database that gives artists the opportunity to electronically archive, secure and publish their work.

Category: art projects

In: 1
Out: 1611

6. artinitials
Mart combines all possible pairs of letters from the Latin alphabet. Mart paints the resulting 676 possible compositions from AA to ZZ onto 30 by 30-centimeter canvases. These one-of-a-kinds are available exclusively from the internet. The owners of the p

Category: art projects

In: 0
Out: 1805

7. The World Art Names - Add your name to the World Art History!
Today in world history each artist or art website is welcome to add a link and name to the world art history! Try New art pixel advertising for your art world wide.

Category: art projects

In: 0
Out: 2045

8. The Imaginary Museum
Contemporary art museum professionals discuss issues associated with the architecture and display within their institutions, presented in streaming audio and images.

Category: art projects

In: 0
Out: 1803

9. Picturepeople archive
PICTUREPEOPLE is an independent artistic (monthly) e-mail project by Rüdiger Heinze (writer) and Kristofer Paetau (visual artist) without any commercial purpose.

Category: art projects

In: 0
Out: 2282

10. Otoons
Fumetti in inglese sul mondo di Osho

Category: art projects

In: 0
Out: 1823


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